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White people be like








Excuse me? Box braids wigs? I’m tired.

Where do I purchase??


Look at God

i mean, that shit takes like 5+ hours, why not?

This is why niggas have trust issues -______________- jenlovesgin




the dynamic duo

They are my favorite together.


How I feel when I go shopping online.



Martin Series (Season 1-5) File Download

Season 1 (1-5) (6-9) (10-14) (15-19) (20-23) (24-27)

Season 2 (1-5) (6-9) (10-14) (15-19) (20-23) (24-27)

Season 3 (1-5) (6-9) (10-14) (15-19) (20-23) (24-27)

Season 4 (1-5) (6-9) (10-14) (15-19) (20-23) (24-27)

Season 5 (1-5) (6-9) (10-14) (15-19) (20-24) 

Had these on my computer and since i’ve watched them all I give them to you lol. enjoy.

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Puttin on for my niggas




Am I the only one that felt like this scene was monumental? A transgender woman teaching other women sex ed?

I thought this would be offensive because these women are still having a man tell them about their own bodies, isn’t that what they women fought for? If i’m wrong please let me know.

A transgender woman is a WOMAN. Not A MAN.

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This is so awesome. 

I totally could drop this in the middle of nowhere and be totally content. 


i could totally drop this in the middle of nowhere and be LIVING THE DREAM wtf


It was a warm summer day and every child in the neighborhood was playing outside, except for Jane and Maura. Angela had drawn a hopscotch design on the cement in the backyard because it was one of Jane and Maura’s favorite outdoor activities other than riding their bikes, but that day the hopscotch design went untouched and the bike that Maura kept at the Rizzoli house was still in the garage next to Jane’s.
For hours, the girls remained in the living room with Jane at the piano and Maura reading Dr. Seuss books on the couch and occasionally gazing at Jane. “You play so beautifully,” Maura remarked. Jane had only taken two piano lessons and knew only a few notes, but those few notes were enough to mesmerize little Maura.
“It’s a beautiful day outside,” Angela said to them. “Go play hopscotch or ride your bikes with the other kids.”
“We can’t,” Maura whispered. “Jane is practicing and she needs to focus.”
Angela watched her little girl look intently at the piano keys, the tip of her tongue just slightly peeking out the side of her mouth as she continued to play. “Janie, your next lesson isn’t for another five days,” Angela reminded her. “It’s important for little kids to play outside instead of being cooped up.”
“We’re not little kids,” Maura giggled.
Jane stopped playing the piano for the first time since their conversation began. “Yeah,” she agreed. “We’re five. We almost can’t count our age on one hand.”
“Jane and I are getting married,” Maura brought to her attention. “She’s going to play at our wedding.”
Angela couldn’t contain her laughter. “Alright, Janie. I’ll let you practice for the next twenty years.”
“Okay, Ma,” Jane snickered.
As soon as she was certain Angela wouldn’t be able to hear them, Maura took a seat next to Jane so she could rest her head on her shoulder. “Does your mom know our friends are all coming over tomorrow for our wedding?”
“Nope,” Jane said while putting her fingers on the keys again.
“Should we to tell her?”
“Nah,” Jane shook her head. “She’ll find out when our guests get here.”